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Science and tech communications

We're encouraging emerging and established science and technology researchers to develop communication skills to make their research accessible to audiences beyond their peer community.

Public research funding bodies

Public research funding bodies are reviewing and updating what kinds of knowledge translation activities should be expected as part of research contracts.

They are also assessing the current state of publicly relevant knowledge transfer and public engagement practice among funding recipients, including with iwi and Māori organisations, which will shape future expectations.

Guidelines for scientists’ public engagement 

The Royal Society Te Apārangi has developed guidelines for scientists’ public engagement.  

The Royal Society Te Apārangi worked with the scientific community and consulted widely, including with universities, CRIs, the network of departmental science advisors and the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor to develop guidelines for scientists’ public engagement.

Prime Minister's Science Prizes

Every year, the Prime Minister’s Science Prizes event showcases excellence in science and technology research, teaching and communications.

Materials for communicating research

On our Resources for communicating science and tech page, there are links and downloadable materials that can help researchers present complex scientific or technical information in a more digestible format, as well as connect with science/tech communications professionals.