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Since 2015, Curious Minds has funded more than 200 projects in excess of $8.5 million.

We fund innovative projects that give New Zealanders more opportunities to experience science and technology through hands-on activities and collaborative research.

Funding is awarded through our two initiatives:

Unlocking Curious Minds

This contestable fund supports projects that excite and engage New Zealanders who have fewer opportunities to experience and connect with science and technology.

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Participatory Science Platform

The Participatory Science Platform supports collaborative, community projects that bring together locals and scientists or technologists on research investigating a locally-important question or problem.

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Featured Projects

He Waka He Tangata

February 2017 - December 2017
$150,000.00 funding awarded

Te Toki Voyaging Trust sails on a Polynesian waka with a team of celestial navigators and marine scientists to promote science to remote coastal communities in the North Island.

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Healthy Homes, Healthy Futures

September 2015 - December 2015
$19,538.00 funding awarded

Do factors such as temperature, humidity and age of homes affect the types of mould and amount of mould in our homes? Students in South Auckland explore this question.

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Family Science Workshops

May 2016 - December 2016
$24,430.00 funding awarded

These workshops incorporate fun and engaging activities to introduce science topics using simple hands-on activities for students and their parents.

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Shedding Light on the Night

November 2015 - July 2016
$20,000.00 funding awarded

How many moths are there? Where are they found? Are they affected by artificial light and, if so, how? Students in Otago take a look at our butterflies of the night.

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