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Curious Minds ambassadors appointed


Ten participants of Curious Minds-funded projects have been appointed as ambassadors to share their stories and expert advice with others.

People wanting to run community science/technology research and engagement projects now have peer support, mentorship and a community of practice that they can tap into, thanks to the newly launched ambassadorship programme that runs until 30 June 2019.

All the ambassadors are also keen to share their knowledge about and enthusiasm for science engagement with others – including communities who want to learn from the ambassadors' experiences.

The ambassadors are available for events around Aotearoa – including videoconferencing into classrooms or to community groups, judging a local event, attending an activity, conference or workshop, and giving talks.

The new ambassadors are:

  • Tarayn Zeier (Dawson Primary) – various projects, including the wētā DNA project.
    Local to: Auckland.

  • Barbara Anderson (Ahi Pepe MothNet) – Ahi Pepe MothNet project.
    Local to: Otago.

  • Karen Pratt (South Taranaki Underwater Club) – Project Reef Life project.
    Local to: Taranaki.

  • Andy Crowe (Ngahere Communities) – Hangatanga (building) with recycled plastic project.
    Local to: Auckland.

  • Gustavo Olivares (NIWA) – various projects, including the air quality early childhood education project.
    Local to: Auckland.

  • Alicia Evans (Fisher & Paykel Healthcare) – various projects as the Fisher and Paykel Healthcare PSP mentor programme co-manager.
    Local to: Auckland.

  • Matt Stephenson (Fisher & Paykel Healthcare) – various projects as the Fisher and Paykel Healthcare PSP mentor programme co-manager.
    Local to: Auckland.

  • Clare Cross (Orokonui Ecosanctuary) – various projects, including the Open VUE (Valley Urban Ecosanctuary) project.
    Local to: Otago.

All the ambassadors have all been involved in, or are currently involved in, projects supported by the Participatory Science Platform (PSP) and/or the Unlocking Curious Minds contestable fund.

They are supported in their ambassador roles by the National Coordinator of the PSP, Dr Victoria Metcalf, and the three regional managers for the PSP: Dr Sarah Morgan (South Auckland), Josh Richardson (Taranaki), and Dr Craig Grant (Otago).

Contact Victoria Metcalf  if you would like to learn more about the ambassadorship programme or to get in touch with one of the ambassadors.


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Participatory Science Platform

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