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Science Learning Hub manager wins at Kudos Awards


Andrea Soanes, project manager at the Science Learning Hub, has won the WINTEC Secondary Science Teacher/Educator award.

Andrea received her award at the Kudos Awards gala in Hamilton last week, which celebrates the achievements of the Waikato region’s top scientists, supports youth in science, and encourages community science engagement.

The WINTEC Secondary Science Teacher/Educator award recognises a science educator or secondary school science teacher who has significantly enhanced the understanding and appreciation of science in the Waikato wider community, including secondary school students.

"You never think you're going to win awards so it felt absolutely amazing to find out I'd won, especially because it's in recognition of my whole career," Andrea says. "Everyone I've come across in my career has influenced how I approach things and what I do, so for me this award is in recognition of all these people too."

Andrea's work at the Science Learning Hub has spanned over three years, in which she and her team have produced hundreds of educational resources for teachers and students alike.

She was previously the Schools Programme Coordinator for Waikato Regional Council, and prior to that she was an Education for Sustainability teacher and Te Kotahitanga facilitator at Te Awamutu College. She is also an experienced science and senior biology teacher.

"I'm so humbled by this award - because there are some amazing people working in this space - but at the same time I'm extremely proud of what I've achieved," she says. "I was never the brightest kid on the block when I was at school but I worked really hard, and it's true that when you work hard you really can achieve great things - you just need to be passionate about what you do and driven to do the best you can."

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